Do you have a double personal brand standard?

The ABC’s of personal influence today. 

  • Always on
  • Brevity, brevity, brevity 
  • Captivating  or die 

We apply some strict rules to everyone else when we are on the receiving end:  I’ll get on my smartphone if your presentation is not entertaining and short. I might do it anyway. I won’t read your post if it is more than a paragraph.  I probably won’t watch your video if the duration listed in the lower left corner is more than 2 minutes.   I will always mute myself on a conference call or webinar so I can do something else. Your elevator speech?  Make it an elevator tweet.  Your business case for your new project?  No more than one page please.  If I text or email you, get back to me very soon if not immediately. 

But what about when we are on the delivering end?  Do we judge ourselves by the same rules?  If so, I’m guilty of at least one broken rule with this post. 

The people we are trying to influence decide what Always on, Brevity, and Captivating are – not us.  Don’t leave your audience wanting less from you next time.

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